Sync your bank transactions to Google Sheets™... automatically!

It's a simple add-in for Sheets™. Connect to 10k+ institutions through Plaid™. Your transactions (from whichever accounts you want), flow into your Sheets™ multiple times a day.
And... you can setup as many different Sheets™ as you'd like to configure different accounts for different Sheets™.

Why do I need this?...

Tracking & Categorizing Expenses
Reconciling your business transactions
Keeping track of your Net Worth
And anything else you can do with a Spreadsheet :)
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Who created this?
Hi! My name is Adam, and i'm the creator of BankToSheets. I created this because I need a solid solution to get my bank transactions into Google Sheets™. I've tried the other solutions on the market, and got tired of them not working properly. So... it was time to create a better tool! You can contact me directly for questions or support.