Import your bank transactions to Google Sheets... automatically!

It's a simple add-in for Sheets. Connect to 10k+ institutions. Your transactions flow into your Sheets daily.
And... you can setup as many different Sheets as you'd like to configure different accounts for different Sheets.

Why do I need this?...

Tracking & Categorizing Expenses
Reconciling your business transactions
Keeping track of your Net Worth
And anything else you can do with a Spreadsheet :)

Nobody wants to download .csv files from their bank just to manage them in a Spreadsheet. And, budgeting Apps are cool, but there's just not any flexibility to manage your transactions exactly how you'd like. Enter... BankToSheets

Spreadsheets are still the best tool for infinite flexibility!

It's free to get started!

Available on Google Workspace Marketplace

BankToSheets can be used in different ways...

From Scratch

By default, BankToSheets will create the basic tabs of information in your spreadsheet. A tab for your transactions, and a tab to keep track of your balances.

With this raw data, you can customize and build out your file with charts, pivot tables, and however else you'd like.

From a Template

BankToSheets offers a powerful budgeting and reporting template to get started. With user's input and suggestions, it will keep getting better!

All that's required is to copy a new blank template, and open the BankToSheets add-in to start syncing your transactions.

Take a glance at the BTS Template

Build your Budget

Get started by creating your budget categories. You designate your "groups", and then designate your sub categories as either "inflow" or "outflow". 
Set the amount you want for each category, and see how it compares to your "actual" amounts once you've set your transactions with the proper category.

Review your Progress

The budget tab gives a quick overview of your progress for the current month, along with the trailing 3 months.

Now, let it work automatically!

With the category rules, the transactions will automatically be applied to a category of your choosing. Just designate the "lookup text" to search for in each transaction, and set the category that should be applied.
It will now auto-categorize them each time it syncs.

Go ahead and give it a spin!

Test it, and see just how much time it will save

Reporting - At a Deeper Level

The budget tab gives a quick look at the budget progress, but to go deeper on reporting, checkout the Reporting tab
Check how your trending on your expense categories, your monthly cashflow, monthly expense breakdown, account balance over time, and more.
This tool is constantly evolving, so it will probably be a bit different (better!) than what you're seeing here.

Remember, it's a spreadsheet, so modify it to your desires if it doesn't quite meet your needs!

How does BTS access the transactions?

BTS utilizes Plaid to securely connect to your financial institution. Plaid is a leader in bank connectivity, and provides the security and privacy required. You've probably already used Plaid at some point; many financial apps utilize it for connection

Will my bank be on the list?

Plaid connects to 10 thousand plus Institutions. If you use any major bank or institution, it will be available. Most local banks are available as well.

Connect to your bank today!

Banks, IRA and 401(k) accounts, Online Savings... the list goes on of available Institutions to connect to

So what does it cost?

Free Trial - connect up to 3 Institutions for a few days to try it out. You'll see how easy it is! No credit card or information required to get started.

After that, it's $5/month for up to 5 Institutions. All your accounts for each Institution are included. Your Institutions can be used across however many Sheets you'd like.

If you need more than 5, you can go up to 20 at $1 ea.

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