Create A Budget

Setup the BTS Budgeting template

To start with the pre-built BTS Budget template, download it here: Download.  You can make as many copies of this template as you would like.

Once you have saved a copy of the template to your Google Drive, go ahead and open it. The Transactions (BTS) tab will have pre-defined columns, and you will also see the Budget & Categories (BTS) tab. On the Budget tab, start defining your categories, and the allotted amount for each one. Watch the video for a demonstration:


Categorize Your Transactions

Now that you have your Budget Categories defined, you can start categorizing your transactions:


When your transactions have a category applied, you can start to analyze your progress on the Budget tab:


Final step, make it auto-categorize your transactions!

On the Budget tab, you can setup Category Rules. Define the text to look for within the transaction description, and select your designated category to be applied automatically.


Once your rules are defined, they will be applied to your transactions when they sync again. Or, you can force a sync via the Menu>Force Sync All button on the BTS screen.


Now your budget is all setup!

A couple final tips:

  • If you have a transaction that you don't want included in your budget, make sure to check the Ignore column on the Transactions tab
  • Look for the small black triangle on certain cells. These will give you additional hints
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