Show More Transaction Info

By default, BTS will only create certain columns to import transaction data into. But if you would like to see more info about the transactions, additional columns can be added. Here is a list of additional columns you can create, and new data will be imported into these columns if it's available from Plaid.

The column name needs to match exactly (case sensitive)

  • Amount  (this will show the Amount as a single column with positive/negative value)
  • account_owner
  • account_id
  • check_number
  • datetime
  • iso_currency_code
  • location.address
  • location.lon
  • location.postal_code
  • location.region
  • location.store_number
  • payment_channel
  • payment_meta.by_order_of
  • payment_meta.payee
  • payment_meta.payer
  • payment_meta.payment_method
  • payment_meta.payment_processor
  • payment_meta.ppd_id
  • payment_meta.reason
  • payment_meta.reference_number
  • pending_transaction_id
  • pending
  • personal_finance_category
  • transaction_code
  • transaction_type

Example: if you want to see the check number (if available), your new column would look like this.
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